Today there are a few prominent bath trends, that fortunately, will be a timeless investment; a neutral color palette, easy-cleaning plumbing fixtures, cabinetry that resembles furniture and a spa-like environment that feels relaxing. Despite all the trends, the perfect design is one that suits your lifestyle and personality.

Perhaps one of the more effective ways to create a bath environment that feels unique to your home - and to you - is custom cabinetry. Custom designed cabinetry can elevate a bathroom to spa room, incorporating high-end furniture details that make the bath feel like a space that should be lived in and enjoyed for a length of time. In addition to cabinetry, other details such as countertops, shelving and lighting all work harmoniously to heighten the bath's comfort level.

Whether you are remodeling or building new construction, Cloutier Kitchens & Baths can provide you with design, counseling and planning services. Bath designs come with the additional challenges of code compliances, plumbing concerns and construction trade coordination, all of which are items we have guided home owners through for decades. Give us a call if you have inspirations to convert your bathroom to a spa room.