Project: Kitchen, bath, library & office new construction
Designer: Linda Cloutier
Cabinetry: Brookhaven by Wood-Mode
Design Goal: Create a timeless home for the retirement years.

Project Description:
When Cloutier was approached by the homeowners to fit out their new condominium, the challenge was helping the family create a vision from the mid-construction studs, open walls and sawdust. At the same time, the design had to work within pre-existing dimensions and layout.

The open concept dictated that the design take into consideration cabinetry details, colors and an easy flow of traffic for family and friends. The homeowners envisioned a place that would be comfortable for frequent visitors and family visits. Because of limited space, Cloutier had to use every inch of space for storage and utilitarian needs. For example, the center island was maximized for its functionality, offering a wealth of underside storage, wine cellar and more. The refrigerator had to face the living space, so Cloutier disguised the large appliance with beautiful cabinetry that mirrored the look and feel found in the living and dining rooms.

With the right amount of confidence in Linda's work, the homeowners also commissioned Cloutier Kitchen & Bath to design the library, office and bathrooms in the unit. This breadth of work within the home requires incredible coordination with countless subcontractors. Cloutier and her team managed and coordinated all the subcontractors, from electricians to audio professionals, leaving the fun visionary details for the homeowner to focus on.

“One of my favorite parts of this project was collaborating with the owners," said Linda. "It was an iterative process between homeowner and designer, where the owner brought lots of fun energy and ideas.”